Pay for your hobo bag with a gift to Plan Canada Gifts of Hope

Lily at Kamloops market


80% of total sales goes to support Plan Canada Gifts of Hope. Please visit their site to learn more about the "Gifts of Hope" program, helping women and girls in impoverished countries build a better future for themselves and their families.

(Photo: "Hobo Bags for Chickens" at Kamloops Farmers' Market 2011)


KAMLOOPS​ FARMERS' MARKET    Saturday, July 11, 2015

Kids' Day! Lots of special activities planned for kids!

​(The​ GIFTS OF HOPE purchased to date are listed below for purposes of accountability and verification with PLAN CANADA.) 

Many thanks to everyone for donations of lovely fabics and trims. It is very much appreciated! 

 If you wish to enquire about any of the bags shown, you can contact me by clicking 'Contact' at the top left of this page.

Although many of the bags pictured below have been sold, if you are interested in a particular design, I may be able to reproduce a similar bag.   (I usually only sell at markets  because C.O.D. shipping costs are very high.) You may contact me through this web site. Thank you again for supporting this project!

Kamloops Farmers Market 2012Surrey Farmers Market 2013

Kaili and Ailah made prints for their bagsKaili and Ailah made prints for their bags

Gifts of Hope purchased to date.

  • 125 gifts of 3 Baby Chicks
  • 4 gifts of 2 Pigs (one male, one female)
  • 9 gifts of 6 Rapidly Reproducing Rabbits
  • 5 gifts of Endless Harvest
  • 1 gift of a Mango Tree
  • 1 gift of a Library In A Box
  • 1 gift of Emergency Food Rations
  • 2 gifts of Clean Water for a Family
  • 7 gifts of Mosquito Nets for a Family
  • 2 gift of 10 Mango Trees
  • 2 gifts of a Motorcycle Ambulance
  • 1 gift of a Fuel Efficient Stove
  • 1 gift of a Bee Keeping Kit
  • 1 gift of a Peanut Butter Project
  • 1 gift of Literacy Training for 2 Women
  • 1 gift of a Quinoa Project
  • 1 gift of a Sheep
  • 1 gift of 3 Hens and a Rooster
  • 4 gifts of Typhoon Haiyan Relief @ $95 each.
  • 1 gift of Help for Children in Emergencies @ $50
  • 1 gift of $500 to Help Equip a School 
  •    (sponsored by Vancity & RCFM)
  • 1 gift of a Farmload of Animals
  • 12 gifts of  Mosquito Bed Nets

Sample Bags:

Available bags may differ from these samples, but this will give you some idea of the typical designs.

Hobo Bag Details:

Click any photo above for a closer look. These Hobo Bags are individually handmade by Lily. Each unique bag is made from quality fabrics and are fully lined in coordinating colours. The material used is reclaimed and/or donated.

Plan Canada Gifts of Hope