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OCT 23 - New: The Bridge - Fall 2016 is now available.

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We have a new name: Kamloops Thompson Retired Teachers' Association

Our new website is now under construction at KTRTA.CA

OCT 23 - Update: New Executive listing and Calendar updates.

Kamloops Adult Learners' Society (KALS)

​I am the program coordinator for Kamloops Adult Learners’ Society (KALS), a non-profit society offering quality courses, at affordable prices, to retired Kamloopsians. One of your members, Norm Moss, asked me to put something together for the Kamloops Retired Teachers’ Association about our upcoming Fall semester. I have attached a document outlining our courses, which I believe might interest to your members. Click here for the full outline. If you have any questions please call Dorian Lemon 250 374-3568


Each year our energetic bursary committee raises funds to put into the TRU Foundation to provide bursaries to atleast two students in the Education Program.  As we have over $85.000 in the Foundation. From interest we will be giving two bursaries of $1500.00 in November 2015.  Activities include the monthly draw for a donated Mystery Bag and a spare change collectio​n, Take a Book, a silent action and possibly a Mystery Tour. Bursary recipients are invited to lunch as guests for our March meeting at which the silent auction is held.  Contact Bev Maxwell for more info. 


Fewer than 170 are now receiving The Bridge by mail.  The rest are either picking up a copy at the meeting (OCT and FEB) or reading it on the website.  I have a file on my computer of members that do not attend or receive notice of meetings that I send out in February and October to remind members when the new issue has been posted on the website.  If you would like to receive such notice and no longer receive a mailed copy, please email me at johnson.darrel@shaw.ca . Our website is www.krta.ca.

Our goal is to reduce the cost of our mail out.  I have had a couple of our lifetime members who have sent a card with stamps for mailing.  That is not necessary as we do have a health bank account that is used for a variety of purposes.  Thanks for your support. 


The head office of the BCRTA has started adding email addresses to their data bank which enables them to put out information to members in a more timely fashion if necessary.  You can also choose to receive the Postscript online at the BCRTA website at www.bcrta.ca.   Please send your email address to Kristi@bcrta.com or lauri@bcrta.com.

I also ask that if you change your address and/or email address that you inform the BCRTA and the KRTA. Several have made changes in the last few months and have not given me notice.  When I go to send an email it then hangs up in my outbox until I identify the problem address and remove it from my list.  As I have been away most of the last three months. My wife removed the names to get email out about meetings.  If you are no longer receiving notice and wish to, please notify me at johnson.darrel@shaw.ca .  I do try to call but also have not got answers. 


Our membership has grown to 450 members.  We received a certificate of recognition at the AGM 2011 as we had an increase of 5%.

For our luncheons at the North Shore Community Centre the caterers have been changed several time starting in October.  The Manager also changed in December as Dwight Hoglund retired. We have had a real issue with getting an accurate count that is now wanted by Wednesday at noon.  Thus, it is important that I have responses from email and phoners by no later than 10:00 Wednesday morning and preferably Tuesday evening.  I have some email responses that are perpetually late and I now have to say no unless I have also received a late cancelation.  


Email KRTA: contact@krta.ca