Farthingales Playhouse Patterns Welcome...
If you enjoy sewing projects you'll love our children's playhouse patterns. Young girls and boys will enjoy many hours of imaginative play with these unique, charming and easy-to-make playhouses. Your kids or grandchildren will love them!
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The Farthingale Cottage:

Our first playhouses--made by ourselves, were tested in our local market since 1993. They quickly found their way into play-schools, classrooms, rumpus rooms and back yards, where they were put to the test and passed with flying colors.

Over the years many people have shown an interest in making their own Farthingale Playhouse and so we developed a Pattern Booklet which we now make available on the Web.


The Farthingale Playhouse is a circular playhouse made of heavy cotton material. The inside height is approximately 6 feet and the diameter is about 4 feet with no interior support.

The playhouse is easily hung from a ceiling hook, tree branch or the like. It is recommended for children 3 to 9 years of age. Two or three children are able to sit comfortably inside. The full length door provides easy access.

Suggestions are made for color and decoration but in the end your own imagination has the final say!

Our Pattern Booklets are easy to follow with clear, detailed diagrams and instructions; suitable for even the most novice of crafters. Allow 2 to 4 days to sew the playhouse depending on your own skill and time devoted to the project. The cost for materials will vary greatly depending on where you purchase and the quality of materials selected.

The Farthingale Castle:

Similar in construction to the Cottage, the Castle Playhouse is designed to have a greater appeal to young boys, but girls enjoy them equally as well.

The Cottage

Only $4.99 CAD

The Castle

Only $4.99 CAD


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