How It Works:

  • Student booklets include a number of "Reading Log" pages where students record the books they have read along with author, date and quiz score.
  • Students begin as an All-Star Apprentice with the Level 1: Start Your Engines cover on their booklet.
  • Each vertical bar on the grid is worth one whole point and it takes 10 points to complete this level. Most levels are similar to this but require more points to complete. Students color the grid in a graph-like manner to show the points earned.
  • Starting books for primary students are typically a low reading level (RL) with a minimal point value (PV)  i.e., RL 1.0—PV 0.5
  • Each bar (1 whole point) is divided into 10 parts of 0.1 points each. Thus it would likely take 2 low level “Chapter Books” to complete one bar and 20 such books to complete the level.
  • However, this seldom happens as the children typically advance to higher reading levels where the PV might equal 1 or 2 points and thus the level is completed quickly with just 5 to 10 books or less.
  Level 1 - All-Star Apprentice
  All Star Reading Log: Author, Book Title
  • An older student starting the program, reading books with a RL of 5.0 or so might complete this level after reading just 3 or 4 books.
  •  For maximum success, children are encouraged to read books at their “Comfort Zone” that is, the RL that can be read with relative ease and adequate understanding. Officially this might be referred to as the Zone of Proximal Development or ZPD.
  • The points earned following the completion of each book read can be determined with a short quiz by the teacher, or preferably, with a computerized reading program. If a book is “worth” 5 points, the student might earn just 3 or 4 points depending on how well they perform on the quiz.
  • To mark a successful completion of the level, a sticker can be placed over the "I am an All-Star Apprentice" sticker drawn on the card. Bronze, Silver or Gold stickers can be an indicator of how successful the student was in reading at their comfort zone. Gold indicating that most books read were above their zone.
  • The successful student is now a "10 Point Club Member". A Level 2 Game Card is then added to their booklet and forms the new booklet cover.