All-Star Reader - Final Game CardLevel 7: All-Star Reader

The main program ends when the student reaches a 500 point total and thus achieves All-Star Reader Status.

This is the final Game Card which serves as a very attractive, final cover for the students booklet. The student name can be entered directly to the PDF file before printing.

The student would also receive the All-Star Certificate which is typically awarded with some ceremony. This is a great achievement!

Many high achievers do wish to continue with the program. At this time they are likely to be reading books with a high PV such as 10 points or more.

Progress can be tracked with the gauge by filling in one increment for each 10 points earned.

A 1000 point total is a difficult, but by no means impossible, level to achieve. These students deserve whatever recognition you might think to give them, such as an appropriate reading trophy, along with the All-Star Power Reader certificate included with this program.