About the Program

An incentive program that works...

The All-Star Reader Incentive program is essentially a series of graphs in the form of “Game Cards” that are suitable for young children aged 6 through 13 (Grades 1 to 7). Themes such as Race Cars, Space Travel, Track, and World Travel appeal to boys and girls alike.

Completing each of the six Game Cards provides children with an on-going, visual record and immediate feedback in recognition of their success. This process results in considerable incentive and intrinsic motivation for students to read more and read better as they advance through the program. Children can also set personal goals to further encourage active participation and growth.

This program can be used effectively as the focus of any reading program where points are allotted for various levels of books read. Successful completion of each progressively challenging Game Card can be recognized with a sticker for their card and “membership” in the next level of the program. Students receive a special, personalized Game Card and Certificate for completing all six levels successfully and thus achieving All-Star Reader status.

...and keeps on working!

But that need not be the end. Highly motivated students can continue with the program to reach All-Star Power Reader status, recording their progress on their All-Star Reader game card and receiving a personalized All-Star Power Reader Certificate upon completion.

The program is intended for use on a school wide, rather than individual classroom basis. Typically, average students will continue with the program over a number of grades in order to complete the six levels of the program.