A fun way to Learn, Practise and Master your Times Tables


The Card Tables is free to use. Click the image to begin, Please click here to read the rationale behind this program plus some helpful tips on helping your child learn their times tables.

Originally written in Adobe Flash, this program now runs on Ruffle (Origin Serbia): "Ruffle is a Flash Emulator designed to run natively on all modern operating systems and browsers, Ruffle brings Flash content back to life with no extra fuss. Safe to use - Using the guarantees of Rust and WASM, we avoid the security pitfalls Flash was known for."

The Card Tables is a fun way to learn, practise and master times tables. Designed by a teacher, it has been used with great success in computer labs, classrooms and at home. It has proven very successful with children of all ages. Features allow a supervisor to easily follow a students level and progress, and encourages the student to complete 100 questions in four sets of 25 with results and encouragements after each set.

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