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WebDesign and Hosting

Web Design

Designing and hosting websites for friends, neighbours and not-for-profit organizations is a hobby I have enjoyed for over 20 years. Contact me if you would like to set up a project together.

Keeping up with the latest trends in web design has become a real challenge. For standard, static websites I now make use of professionally designed templates. This site (Chris Rose Therapy...) is based on templates provided by HtmlCoder and uses the "Mobile First" Bootstrap Framework.

Website design has advanced considerably since my first award winning, hand coded site for Haldane Elementary School back in 1996.

In March 2016 I became a member and webmaster for Kamloops Photo Arts Club. This has resulted in a new appreciation of the Wordpress platform for web design which led me to this new project...

CanWebPromotions (Assisted Website Development and Hosting)

Through this new platform (CanWebPromotions.ca), I provide Wordpress optimized, independent cPanel hosting accounts on new, state-of-the-art servers at CanSpace Solutions in Montreal CA.

I assist with all aspects of site development and backend support: domain management, cPanel, Wordpress (install/setup) & theme (install/setup) as well as monitoring regular backups and updates. The client--with support as needed--becomes the Web Content Manager for their own website.

My nominal fee allows me to provide a number of premium features such as a choice of Genesis and Imagely products (Nextgen Plus/Pro & Imagely Themes) along with other premium plugins which include UpdraftPlus for automatic, off-site backups.

For the record: I am a proud Canadian! My domain registrars and hosting platforms are with Namespro (Vancouver), Canadian Web Hosting (Vancouver) and CanSpace Solutions (Montreal).

FYI Learn More: What is Wordpress? | Understanding Wordpress.


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