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 Welcome to Tayo Impressions:  

As the nameTayoimplies, our plan is to offer a diverse, varied collection of "many different things". Our primary goal is to provide an outlet for family and friends to market a few home-grown products which may, in time, consist of teaching aids, quilts, books, software, sewing projects, photographs and...

All our products can be purchased through our PayPal account where you are assured of a safe, secure transaction. Please note the method of delivery for the product, which for now will usually be via an email attachment once we are notified of a purchase made through our PayPal account.

 Hobo bags for chickens (Extra large size for pigs)
All-Star Reader

Lily's Hobo Bags are individually handmade by Lily. Each unique bag is made from quality, washable fabrics and feature colourful designs from nature. Most feature these designs on a large outer front pocket. They are all fully lined in coordinating colours.

This project is in support of Plan Canada Gifts of Hope. Please visit their site to learn more about the "Gifts of Hope" program. With each hobo bag purchase you may request a gift of 3 Baby Chicks be made in your name.

Bags are available only at local Farmers Markests in BC, Canada

 All-Star Reader: An incentive program that works... and keeps on working.
All-Star Reader All-Star Reader was developed by a Teacher/Librarian, as a companion to the Accelerated Reader® program by Renaissance Learning. However, it is not directly associated with this program or the company.

Essentially a set of graphs in the form of Game Cards on which students track their progress and success in any reading program where a point value is assigned to books. Forms and Certificates can be personalized for printing/copying. This program has a proven track record in a variety of elementary schools since 1999. It has great appeal to ages 5 through 13.

Product: Interactive PDF File (8.5x11 Booklet) - Delivery: Email - Price $5.99 CAD   PayPal
 The Card Tables:
The Card Tables The Card Tables was designed for use in elementary school computer labs and classrooms. It has been used in a variety of elementay school settings for many years with great success. On-screen tracking of student activity is easily monitored from a distance. A learning level and two levels of practise drill are included. An effective and fun way to learn and practise those times tables. Click the icon to try it out for free.

 Farthingale Playhouse Sewing Patterns:
The Farthingale CottageThe Farthingale Cottage Our Pattern Booklets are easy to follow with clear, detailed diagrams and instructions; suitable for even the most novice of crafters. The Farthingale Playhouse is a circular playhouse made of heavy cotton material. The inside height is approximately 6 feet and the diameter is about 4 feet with no interior support.
Product: 8.5x11 Booklet PDF File - Price $4.99 CAD PayPal
The Farthingale CastleThe Farthingale Castle

Similar in construction to the Cottage, the Castle Playhouse is designed to have a greater appeal to young boys, but girls enjoy them equally as well.

Product: 8.5x11 Booklet PDF File - Price $4.99 CAD PayPal

*Special Offer* Two Pattern Set: Buy both patterns and save. Set includes the Cottage and Castle for just $7.99 CAD PayPal

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