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  • Gallery: Home GrownTitle: A Quiet Spot
    Riverside Park in Kamloops BC.
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Above are twenty low resolution examples from the various Galleries you can view on Fine Art America. I hope you enjoy browsing through my photographs and should you be inspired to make a purchase, thank you for that. More photos at HjDalley Photography

You can purchase a variety of products from framed prints to pillows etc., through the link here or through my FAA Artist Website.

A Royalty Free License (One-time fee. No additional royalties) is also available for any image through:

WebDesign and Hosting

Web Design

Along with photography and videograpy, designing and hosting websites for friends, neighbours and not-for-profit organizations is a hobby I enjoy. Contact me if you would like to set up a project together.

Keeping up with the latest trends in web design has become a real challenge. For standard, static websites I now make use of professionally designed templates. This site (Chris Rose Therapy...) is based on free templates provided by HtmlCoder and uses the "Mobile First" Bootstrap Framework.

Website design has advanced considerably since my first award winning, hand coded site for Haldane Elementary School back in 1996.

In March 2016 I became a member and webmaster for Kamloops Photo Arts Club. This has resulted in a new appreciation of the Wordpress platform for web design which led me to this new project...

Assisted Wordpress Hosting

I offer hosting for clients who wish to develop and manage their own Wordpress site. I "assist" by looking after the back end: domain management, cPanel, Wordpress (install/setup) & theme (install/setup).

My nominal fee allows me to provide a number of extra features such as a choice of Genesis, Elegant Themes (DIVI) and Imagely products (Nextgen Plus/Pro & Imagely Themes) along with other premium plugins which include UpdraftPlus with auto backups. I offer assistance as required in site development and provide ongoing back end monitoring. Check out all current Wordpress Sites below.

Learn More: What is Wordpress? | Understanding Wordpress.

For the record: I am a proud Canadian! My Domain Registrar is CanSpace Solutions in Toronto. My Enhanced Hosting plan is with Canadian Web Hosting (CWH) in Vancouver.

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About HjDalley

"A moment captured is yours forever...the rest is water under the bridge." - hjd

Harvey J Dalley

Searching for those moments to capture is what I enjoy most about photography. Seeking that special composition, that unique point of view, and discovering the unexpected, add an additional layer of pleasure to a simple stroll, a hike or kayaking and travel.

I love the story of the photographer who was invited for dinner and encouraged to show some of his photographs. After the showing the host says, "Your photos are fantastic. You must have an excellent camera." Later, on his way out, the photographer returns the compliment saying, "Thank you for the fantastic meal. You must have an excellent set of pots and pans."

Having said that, I recognize that the equipment does play a role in the final outcome. Currently I use a Pentax K 3, 18-135mm zoom. Recent photos are shot in RAW and developed with Lightroom CC. I am continually striving to improve the final product.

Another hobby I enjoy is videography. Having grandchildren initiated this interest but I have also done some travel and just-for-fun videos as well. Some of these can be viewed here on Vimeo.